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Direct Action Everywhere

There’s Nothing Humane About Whole Foods Turkey

By ,  November 24, 2015  //  4 Comments

Investigators found birds trapped in feces that covered much of the floor, a half-foot deep in some places; with eyes that were swollen shut, swollen nostrils, open wounds and bruises; missing large patches of feathers; inflamed and swollen crops; and stress bars on their feathers — an indication of poor environmental conditions or severe malnutrition.

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"What Does "Cage-Free" Even Mean?"

Mother Jones  -  Jan 14, 2015

Is Mother Jones Holding Undercover Petaluma Egg Video to Higher Standard of Proof?

By ,  January 16, 2015  //  4 Comments

The commentary surrounding Direct Action Everywhere’s (DxE) undercover video footage of Petaluma Farms continues. The latest article of note came yesterday from Mother Jones’s Tom Philpott. Philpott’s piece is a strong one. It does a good job...  [View more]

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"All The News That's Fit To Eat"

Civil Eats  -  Jan 09, 2015

Civil Eats Further Scrambles An Already Rotten Egg Story

By ,  January 12, 2015  //  0 Comments

Here’s how the media hierarchy often works: a global authority (say the New York Times) covers a story, the story hits the media radar, and smaller outlets pick it up, paraphrase it, and run it on their own sites. As a rumor churns through a mill, so goes a story...  [View more]

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"Animal Rights Group’s Video of Hens Raises Questions, but Not Just for Farms"

New York Times  -  Jan 09, 2015

New York Times Chickens Out on Brutal Video

By ,  January 10, 2015  //  26 Comments

Early last week the animal activist group Direct Action Everywhere released a harrowing video based on an undercover investigation of Petaluma Farms, a Northern California operation that supplies eggs to Whole Foods and Organic Valley. In it, hundreds of chickens are shown...  [View more]

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"Know What Kind of Life Your Dinner Lived"

Whole Foods  -  Jan 08, 2015

Activists Crack Open Whole Foods’ Humane Egg Claims

By ,  January 8, 2015  //  2 Comments

This new Whole Foods ad appeals to the increasingly popular dictum to know where your food comes from. It reads: “Know What Kind Of Life Your Dinner Lived.” On the face of it, the movement to better understand the inner-workings of the food system is a noble...  [View more]