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Article Review

Rated:  D

Article Review:

"The Heretic: Livestock Is The Only Hope For A Dying Planet"  -  Feb 18, 2015

Allan Savory’s Fantasy Thrills Ranchers, But He’s Wrong

By ,  February 18, 2015  //  33 Comments

Allan Savory has made a career claiming that beef can reverse global warming. His working hypothesis—and do note, it is nothing more than that—is that repopulating desertified landscapes with cattle would revive grasslands, sequester carbon, and, no joke, save the...  [View more]

Rated:  C

Article Review:

"The Onion Fails To Peel Back The Suffering Caused By Milk"

The Onion  -  Jan 29, 2015

The Onion Fails To Peel Back The Suffering Caused By Milk

By ,  February 5, 2015  //  11 Comments

The Onion, a newspaper that publishes all the satire that’s fit to print, recently ran a hilarious piece about Pepperidge Farm’s famous “Milano” cookies. The story, “Pepperidge Factory Farm Under Fire For Inhumane Treatment Of Milanos” shows cookies...  [View more]

Rated:  C

Article Review:

" US Agriculture Officials Call For Independent Review Amid Scandal Over Nebraska Meat Research Facility"

International Business Times  -  Jan 23, 2015

International Business Times Stuck on Old Animal Rights Stereotype

By ,  January 26, 2015  //  3 Comments

Terminology matters. The descriptions that reporters use to characterize various perspectives on an issue can carry connotations that reiterate stereotypes and reinforce misconceptions. This axiom is especially true when it comes to animal issues and the media. A glaring...  [View more]

Rated:  A

Article Review:

"U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit"

New York Times  -  Jan 21, 2015

New York Times’ House of Animal Horrors Stuns Readers

By ,  January 22, 2015  //  11 Comments

The brilliance of Michael Moss’s much-discussed Times article, “U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer In Quest For Profit,” speaks for itself. It’s a masterpiece of rigorous reporting that culminated in a story of animal abuse told from the...  [View more]

Rated:  A

Article Review:

"Voiceless calls for welfare assurance scheme for Australian dairy production"

ABC Rural  -  Jan 22, 2015

Voiceless Gets A Voice In The Australian Media

By ,  January 21, 2015  //  4 Comments

Animal advocates have long lamented the popular perception that milk and eggs are, relative to meat, harmless manifestations of the animal-industrial complex. While Gary Francione has frequently noted that there’s possibly more suffering in a glass of milk than a...  [View more]

Rated:  B

Article Review:

"What Does "Cage-Free" Even Mean?"

Mother Jones  -  Jan 14, 2015

Is Mother Jones Holding Undercover Petaluma Egg Video to Higher Standard of Proof?

By ,  January 16, 2015  //  4 Comments

The commentary surrounding Direct Action Everywhere’s (DxE) undercover video footage of Petaluma Farms continues. The latest article of note came yesterday from Mother Jones’s Tom Philpott. Philpott’s piece is a strong one. It does a good job...  [View more]
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